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Heavy Metal
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My last passion. I play acoustic and electric guitars (the latter being my favorite) in a hard rock band. Besides playing, I'm very interested in musical gear and sound technology.

Most of the items listed below are cheap or have an excellent price to quality ratio, so read on carefully to catch some suggestions! (you can read the user reviews of almost any of the following items in the specific sections of Harmony Central web site)

bulletMy equipment ["soon equipped with..."]


bulletIbanez RG3120TW Electric Guitar [EVH d-tuna]
bulletYamaha APX4A (Blue) Acoustic Guitar [Earvana nut]

bulletClarissa P30 (Natural) Classic Guitar
bulletNext buys:

Dean Playmate EVO mini-travel guitar


bulletMarshall JTM312 [Sovtek 12ax7, modified] + JTM C12 

bulletMarshall MS-2 Micro Amp + AC Adapter

bulletNext buys:

Self built high-power, low weight portable amp (2x5" Extended Range Ciare speakers, 60w 12v car power amp, all cheap stuff mounted on a simple dipolar panel or in bass reflex cabinet, with the possibility of going on batteries)


bulletDigitech RP100 Floor Multi Effector

bulletBBE Sonic Maximizer 362 Sound Enhancer (rack)


bulletYamaha YT-150 Auto Tuner
bulletYamaha Digital Metronome
bulletStrings: Savarez Red (Classic gtr), Martin Extra Light (Acoustic gtr), D'Addario or Dean Markley Light (Electric gtr)
bulletDunlop Picks: 0.6mm Nylon (Classic & Acoustic gtrs), 0.88 Tortex (Electric gtr)
bulletTusker Cables

P.A. System:

bulletMixer Behringer Eurorack MX802

bulletAmplifier Technics SU7700
bulletDynamic Microphone + mic stand
bullet2 Self built 2 ways 250W Loudspeakers (15" woofer + Motorola piezo tweeter; no x-over)
bulletNext buys:

Bellari LA120 Tube Compressor (1/2 rack)

Lexicon MPX100 (rack, voice/acoustic gtr multi FX)

Roland Anti-Feedback (1/2 rack)

BBE Sonic Maximizer 482 (rack 1U)

2 LEM 210w Powered Loudspeakers + stands


bulletOther stuff in my home studio:
bulletPearl Forum Jr Drums with Dixon snare drum
bulletLP Bongos and other percussion tools + stand
bulletNext buys:

Dixon Double Pedal

Zildjan 20" Ride ZBT

Rhythm Light System

Sound Isolation Panels


bulletSpecs of my ideal custom guitar

Body shape: PRS type, possibly thinner

Body wood: cherry or walnut with tonal chambers, secure locking strap buttons

Top: black figured ash (with binding around the body)

Finish: natural lacquered or transparent purple

Neck: maple (ultra thin), neck through body

Fingerboard: ebony, 24 frets, asimmetrically scalloped

Inlays: rhombus, asimmetric (top) with custom writing at the 12th fret

Frets: Dunlop jumbo

Pickups: Duncan Custom (bridge) + Duncan '59 (neck) + piezo pickup (bridge, under saddle)

Pickup wiring: 5 position toggle switch (H-,S-S,H-H,-S,-H) + 3 position piezo control switch (off-on-mix), 2 output female jacks (one for magnetic or mix, one for piezo)

Other controls: volume & tone control pots for magnetic and piezo PU (4 pots)

Bridge: lo-pro Wilkynson type with piezo PU & vibrato bar

Tuners: Sperzel auto blocking, Hip-Shot instant D-tuner

Nut: Earvana compensating retrofit nut (OEM)

Hardware: dark chrome, pick-up & truss-rod cover plates

Strings: Dean Markley Blue Steel 0.10


bulletFavourite gear (selected by direct listening and/or user/magazine review and/or "coolness")


Ibanez RG3120TW

ESP LTD MH301 (Tr. Blue)

PRS Custom 24 (Purple)

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic

Yamaha Pacifica Mike Stern signature

Yamaha CPX15 South (Acoustic)



Mesa-Boogie Dual Rectifier (100w) + 4x12 Recto Cab

Yamaha DG80 (80w, digital)

Orange AD15 (15w, all tube)



Digitech RP100 Floor MultiFX

TC Electronic G-Major Rack MultiFX

Bellari LA120 Tube Compressor Limiter

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi Distorsion Pedal

Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus (pedal)

BBE Sonic Maximizer 482


bulletFavorite links

Harmony Central

Guitar Player Magazine

Guitar One Magazine


bulletTake a look at the following photo gallery, containing a collection of some of my favorite pieces of guitar gear.


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