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Music is passion. Passion is life. Music is life.

I love music and I'm a Hi-Fi maniac!

bulletSystem I (personal)

Cassette Player: Teac V700X

CD Player: Sony CDP10

Integrated Amplifier: Marantz Model 1060

Loudspeakers: Wharfedale Modus System (sub+sat)

bulletSystem II (home)

Cassette Player: Teac W800R (double deck)

CD Player: Sony CDP10 (multi disk, connected via Sony Fiber Optical Cable)

Integrated Amplifier: Marantz PM75 Digital

Loudspeakers: ESB 2010 DCM

bulletNext buys:
bulletReference System

Exposure CD Player (very neutral)

Self Built Tube Pre Amp + 60W Tube Power Amp (both designed by "Nuova Elettronica" magazine)

Ciare H06.1, 4 ways hi-end tower isobaric loudspeaker project (by Ciare)

bulletExperimental Vintage System

Rotel CD Player (warm...)

Self built battery powered 1 tube preamp (designed by "Suono")

2 Self Built mono-triode power amps (about 10w each, high quality output transformers; design by "Stereo") + Self Built AC Power Filter (1 transformer with 1:1 ratio + 1 EMI/RFI filter)

Pair of 1 Way High Sensibility Full Range Ultrasound Speakers (bass reflex cabinet design)


bulletReference Home Theater System

Toshiba  DVD Player

Denon  A/V Dolby Digital Integrated Amplifier

Mission FS2 5.1 Loudspeaker System

Yamaha DLP Video Projector

bulletComputer-based HT System

Pioneer DVD Player (or Toshiba external)

Creative SB Live! 5.1 (or SB Audigy external)

Creative Cambridge SW 5.1 (70w each channel)

Compaq DLP Video Projector


bulletDivx CD Video Collection


The Astronaut's Wife


The Bone's Collector



Dream Theater "Scene from New York"

Eyes Wide Shut


bulletTake a look at the following photo gallery, which contains a collection of some of my favorite pieces of Hi-Fi & HT gear.
bulletSelf Construction Home Page
bulletCiare Speakers
bulletCiare Speakers price list (Calpedel)


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